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Call about our new Lightcast Radar Speed Cameras .

Video the vehicles as they speed through your neighborhood.

Many options available.  678-339-2326 ext 2


New Lightcast Radar Speed Camera System - view speeders day or night in video clips.

Simply set the speed threshold. As a driver comes up to the unit it will take a video if they are speeding and insert that speed in the video clip.

This unit will take a set amount of time video clip, you tell us and we will program it at the factory. Most use 3-5 seconds.

Can be set to download via FTP using wireless, wired rj45 or thumb drive connections.

Optional email the clips of violators using local lan connections or 3G cellular or 4G wimax.

Option live or real time view via a remote web browser.

Optional 2nd camera for front view + rearview for license tag.

Operator will simply mount the outdoor camera(s), mount radar and mount small outdoor NEMA enclosure for the Digital Video Recording (DVR) unit.

Point the cameras test the video clips for correct zoom and location and voila your in business of catching speed violators.

 Our representatives will help you pick out the right camera, settings, mounting brackets / straps and answer your other questions.




The Lightcast Radar Speed Camera system consists of the following:


  • NEMA 3R Outdoor housing
  • Temperature controlled Heater and Fans to allow year round use
  • Power is connected to an external three prong 110~120VAC adapter
  • Internally the unit provides 12VDC power to cameras and other devices.
  • Intel Dual Core Processor
  • Windows XP Operating System
  • User interface application allows the user to set speed, duration of video recording and Live Video Feed from a single screen
  • The unit supports both Analog and IP Based Video Cameras that are existing or new
  • Video Transfer Options:
  • Downloading the video segments is done by inserting a USB thumb drive into a port inside the outdoor housing, clicking the Video button and browsing to the location of the thumb drive.
  • Wirelessly with a laptop with 2.4GHz Wifi support and the purchase of our 2.4GHz Video Transfer Access Point
  • Connecting the Lightcast Radar Speed Camera to your existing network, configuring our PC
  • The Lightcast Radar Speed Camera supports remote speed enforcement scenarios
  • Our user interface can be custom built to your specifications (optional)





Speed Camera Radar Speed Cameras Road Speed Camera Digital Speed Cameras Radar Camera Video Photo Radar Tickets photo enforcement

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